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    Enhanced **** and sugar that are leading to obesity and leading to heart disease and the lack of fats and people's diet is leading to health problems so we need fats for the health of our brain for the health of our heart but also because fats are a big part of weight loss helped us feel full and help us feel satisfied after we eat a meal so it kind of goes back to my first tip about controlling our hunger a key to controlling our hunger is actually eating some good healthy fats like olive oil coconut oil nuts avocados Enhanced **** don't demonize fats realize that good healthy fats are good for you and that eating more fats is actually going to help you lose weight if you are starving yourself and counting calories then you just need to stop not only is your irritability becoming a problem for everyone around you and probably for you also but starvation and limiting our caloric intake doesn't really help us lose weight so maybe initially.

    Enhanced **** Reviews we'll do some weight but this is not a sustainable way to achieve weight loss so realize that if you are restricting your calories your body is thinking that it's going through a famine and it thinks that it needs to survive this period of time that food is not available so it's actually gonna cling on to every bit of fat that you have because it's thinking that otherwise it might starve to death so limiting our calories it's kind of you know it's kind of backwards thinking we would think that we would lose weight but really limiting your calories is not going to help you lose weight it's also going to create a really stressful situation in your body that's gonna have a lot of other health implications as well so rather than counting calories and limiting our calories we want to focus on eating the right calories.

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